2018 Womens Masters State Nomination

The below information is an excerpt from the current HQ Attachment C: Tournament Regulations document 

7.2     Nomination Process - Women’s Masters Queensland Teams

7.2.1. Any player wanting to nominate for state selection must submit an online nomination form via Hockey Queensland’s website prior to the deadline specified. 
7.2.2. There is a non-refundable nomination fee of $25.00 which must be paid online (debit/credit card) when completing/submitting the Nomination Form. 
7.2.3. To become an eligible player you must play at the Women’s Masters State Championships.
7.2.4. Players who are unable to play at the State Championships may nominate for selection as additional players; such players will only be considered for selection in a Queensland team or for interstate clearance once the list of eligible players has been exhausted
7.2.5. Late nominations, and nominations which do not include payment of the nomination fee, will not be accepted by Hockey Queensland under any circumstances. 
7.2.6. All players who have nominated for state selection must wear a ribbon at all times whilst playing matches during the tournament. Ribbons must be visible and must not clash with Captain’s ribbons/bands.
7.2.7. If selected, players must be available for all pre-championship training and for all matches.
7.2.8. Exemption from the nomination process is only given to players who are attending a concurrent event as a QLD or Australian representative; to become eligible for selection, these players must still nominate as per the process above but are not required to play at              the State Championships.
7.2.9. Players will not be cleared to play for another state unless they have nominated for QLD and have played at the State Championships. Additional players will not be cleared to play for another state or territory unless there are no other eligible players available.


10.00am Friday 1 June 2018


Australian Women's Masters Championships - 27 Sept to 6 Oct - Venue TBC

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